Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Key Differences Between Military High Schools and Military Boarding Schools

People who are thinking of sending their children to private schools often debate about whether to let them board or to have them go home everyday and just enroll as day students. When thinking about military high schools and military boarding schools, several things come to mind.

The benefits of sending your child to a military high school and military boarding school is actually quite similar. Military schools are known for being institutions that provide excellent academic and athletic programs. They are known for having a military-like structure in campus, with students being referred to as "cadets" and other members of the school's staff are given similar military titles.

These schools are known for the rigid discipline that is enforced on campus where infractions of school rules are dealt with immediately and with severity. Students of military schools are also given the chance to participate in JROTC where self-discipline, love for country, and camaraderie are further reinforced as the core values. These schools aim for students to have a healthy regard for authority and to have an aspiration to aim for excellence in what they do.

In terms of academics, military schools are also known to provide excellent academic programs to students. While it's not a guarantee that going to such schools will assure a ticket to military academy or a career in the armed forces, it certainly does prepare students well for it.

In as far as military boarding schools and day schools are concerned, there are certain key differences.

Boarding schools assure that students gain a certain level of independence which can only be gained by living on their own or with other people who aren't family members. A child learns several things when he lives in a place where nobody else is there to pick up after him. Students often gain a sense of self-sufficiency when off to boarding school and learn some self-advocacy as well.

Students in boarding school also have supervised study hall, which takes away the age-old argument between parents and children about finishing homework first before watching TV.

While most boarding schools these days are wired for internet connection, it's still true that children who are in boarding school are often less distracted than children who aren't. They learn better social skills, form deeper friendships with dorm mates, and are generally happier and more physically active because their school's sports facilities are available for them most of the time.

Of course, it's still up to the parents to decide whether boarding school is the best decision for their child. It's never easy to be separated with your child, and most parents feel a bit guilty for "sending their children away" on boarding school. However, there are real benefits to it. It's best to explore the options too and get to know the school better in terms of living facilities, policies on bullying, how often one can contact one's children, and similar issues.

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